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Report A Crime

A Message from Sheriff Dave Hencratt

Due to the statewide budget crisis, my department no longer has the manpower or resources to dispatch an officer to incidents that are not an immediate threat to public safety, nor can we dispatch an officer to most other cases unless a substantial loss of property is eminent.

If you wish to document any other crime or incident, you are encouraged to complete a public report form and return it to this office. Your report will be reviewed, and if it is deemed necessary, an officer will be assigned to investigate further. In all cases, your report will be entered into our computerized records system; and can easily be retrieved for you for insurance, civil, or criminal purposes from our records department during normal business hours.

To obtain a public report form, you can come to the Sheriff’s Department records division, located at 22840 Antelope Boulevard in Red Bluff, between the hours of 8AM and 5PM Monday through Friday. You can also download a report form by going to the Sheriff’s web page, located at, and clicking on Report A Crime. The forms should be completed thoroughly, and promptly returned to the address provided on the form.

Thank-you for your patience and for supporting our efforts to protect and serve the citizens of Tehama County. In the future, as the budget situation improves, we anticipate increasing our manpower and resources to the extent that this reporting system will be eliminated. Until such time, we again thank you for your patience, support and cooperation.

Citizen Report Form

If you wish to document a crime or incident, complete the public Citizen Report form and return it to the Tehama County Sheriff’s Office.