Safe Transportation of Inmates

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The Transportation Unit is responsible for the safe and secure transportation of inmates. These transports include, extradition of interstate fugitives wanted by Tehama County law enforcement agencies, transportation of inmates to and from prison, the return of inmates arrested in all counties of California wanted by Tehama County, and assisting the jail in transporting inmates to and from court and medical/dental appointments.

Monthly the transportation officers transport about 70-80 inmates and travel about 4,000 miles within California. There are two (2) vans and a patrol unit assigned to the Transportation Unit.

The Tehama County Transportation Unit is an active member of an organization called T.O.P.I.C. (Transportation Of Prisoners In Cooperation). This is a group of county transportation units throughout California and some western states that help each other out by using a shuttle system to transport inmates. This cooperative effort saves the County of Tehama several thousand dollars annually. Through this program, the Sheriff’s Department has also been able to save the Red Bluff and Corning Police Departments time and money by helping them with some of their transportation responsibilities.

Taking Care of the Sick

The medical unit of the Tehama County Jail is comprised of a Supervisory Nurse, one full time nurse, one part time nurse, and a medical clerk. Inside the jail there is a nurses office and an exam room.

Daily, inmates can turn in a “request slip” for medical attention. The nurses check the complaint and follow-up with appropriate care. If needed, the inmates are put on a list to be seen by a Physicians Assistant (P.A.) who visits the jail twice a week. In case of medical emergencies, the inmates are immediately taken to St. Elizabeth Hospital.

We conduct “med call” four (4) times a day where we administer prescribed medications to the inmates and they have access to over-the-counter (O.T.C.) medications, i.e.… aspirin, antacid, etc. This also provides the inmates with daily physical access to the nurses.

Jail staff are also trained to look for inmates who appear sick or injured and are in need of some medical or mental health attention.

Regular Meals for Inmates

The Jail Kitchen produces about 600 meals a day or about 219,000 meals a year.