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Civil Division

Subpoenas, Warrants and all Civil Process

Civil Division – Fee Schedule

PLEASE NOTE: Prior to submitting documents to the Civil Division for the first time, please call 530-529-7930.

Per California Legislative Assembly Bill Number AB2256, effective January 1, 2015 Civil Service Fees have increased. Revised civil service fees are as follows:
Evictions (Writ of Possession of Real Property) $145.00 ($85.00 for posting/service; $60.00 for restoring possession of property)
Earning’s Withholding Order (Writ of Execution) $35.00
Civil Subpoenas for Deputies $275.00 deposit per Deputy
All other basic civil services $40.00 per person per service
Cancellation of service prior to completion $40.00
Service of Writ for immediate possession of property $100.00
Opening of a safe-deposit box $135.00
Serving or posting of additionally required notices or orders $20.00 each
Fee for keeping and carrying for property under a Writ of Attachment, Execution, Possession, or Sale $140.00 when necessarily employed for any 8-hour period or portion thereof. Fees for any additional keeper (s) shall be the same, but no keeper shall receive more than $300.00 per 24-hour period
Fee for maintaining custody of property by use of a keeper $40.00 per day after the first day
Copy of any writ, process, paper, order or notice that was actually made by the requestor when required or demanded $1.00 per page
Fee for preparing and posting additionally required notices of personal property sales $15.00 each
Fee for furnishing a notice for publication $15.00
Conducting or postponing the sale of real/personal property $90.00
Fee for making a not-found return on process or notice required to be served $40.00
Execution and delivery of a deed or certificate of redemption $15.00
Processing of a warrant $50.00
Using due diligence and unable to find person to serve warrant $50.00