Civil Division – Fee Schedule

PLEASE NOTE: Prior to submitting documents to the Civil Division for the first time, please call 530-529-7930.

Per California Legislative Assembly Bill Number AB2256, effective January 1, 2015 Civil Service Fees have increased. Revised civil service fees are as follows:

Civil Division Amount
Evictions (Writ of Possession of Real Property) $145.00 ($85.00 for posting/service; $60.00 for restoring possession of property)
Earning’s Withholding Order (Writ of Execution) $35.00
Civil Subpoenas for Deputies $275.00 deposit per Deputy
All other basic civil services $40.00 per person per service
Cancellation of service prior to completion $40.00
Service of Writ for immediate possession of property $100.00
Opening of a safe-deposit box $135.00
Serving or posting of additionally required notices or orders $20.00 each
Fee for keeping and carrying for property under a Writ of Attachment, Execution, Possession, or Sale $140.00 when necessarily employed for any 8-hour period or portion thereof. Fees for any additional keeper (s) shall be the same, but no keeper shall receive more than $300.00 per 24-hour period
Fee for maintaining custody of property by use of a keeper $40.00 per day after the first day
Copy of any writ, process, paper, order or notice that was actually made by the requestor when required or demanded $1.00 per page
Fee for preparing and posting additionally required notices of personal property sales $15.00 each
Fee for furnishing a notice for publication $15.00
Conducting or postponing the sale of real/personal property $90.00
Fee for making a not-found return on process or notice required to be served $40.00
Execution and delivery of a deed or certificate of redemption $15.00
Processing of a warrant $50.00
Using due diligence and unable to find person to serve warrant $50.00

Civil Division Info

The Tehama County Sheriff’s Office Civil Division is located at 22840 Antelope Boulevard, Red Bluff, CA 96080. Office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. The Civil Division serves process in all cities in Tehama County in addition to the unincorporated areas of the county. The office is closed on weekends and holidays. The public telephone number is (530) 529-7930.

The mission of the Civil Office is to serve all process in a reasonable and timely manner, while maintaining an impartial position between all parties involved.
All documents must be accompanied by a letter of instruction, signed and dated by the attorney of record or the plaintiff if there is no attorney. The instructions must include the name of the person to be served and the physical address where service is to be made.

A wage levy requires an application for earnings withholding order instead of a letter of instruction. The applications & forms are available in our office.

For all services, we require a copy of the document, front and back, for each person to be served plus an additional copy for our file. For levies and evictions, we require the original writ of execution plus three copies, front and back. Please include more copies if you have more than one levy. All fees will be collected in advance. The appropriate fee or a fee waiver must accompany all documents.

All fees are per service. Two defendants equal two services, even if they are at the same address, therefore, you would be charged for two separate services.

Pursuant to California Code of Civil Procedures Section 706.026, levy monies received by the Sheriff are disbursed at least once every 30 days.

Evictions are usually completed on Wednesdays of each week.

To complete an eviction, we require the original writ of possession plus three copies, and a letter of instruction. The letter of instructions must be signed by the attorney of record or plaintiff if there is no attorney. No one else may sign the instructions. A fee of $145.00 is required. A lockout date will be established at the time of receipt of the writ of possession. We will then contact you or your agent via telephone to advise you of the date and time that you are to meet us at the property to perform the eviction.

For additional tenant and landlord rights and responsibilities click on the following link: California Tenants – A Guide to Residential Tenants’ and Landlords’ Rights and Responsibilities

The Sheriff’s Office is entitled to its fees whether or not the service is complete. We cannot guarantee that our service will always be successful (CA Govt. Code § 26736 & § 26738). All fees will be paid prior to performing any service (CA Govt. Code § 6103.2). In addition, CA Govt. Code § 26746 provides for the Sheriff a $12.00 assessment to be collected from the judgment debtor on each disbursement of money paid to a judgment creditor.
The Sheriff and staff members cannot give out personal or legal advice or answer any questions which are legal in nature. If you have a legal question, please contact an attorney.