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Animal Regulations


Reason – No person shall own or keep any dog over four months of age within the unincorporated area of the county unless such dog is licensed.

What is required – A certificate of vaccination signed by a veterinarian showing an approved rabies vaccination and the period of time from the date of vaccination to the date of expiration.

When – Application for a dog license shall be made to the Tehama County Animal Care Center by the owner of the dog to be licensed no later than thirty days after the acquisition of the dog.

Benefit – Studies show that over 90% of dogs impounded wearing a license are returned to their owner.

Spaying & Neutering

Reason – Prevents further litters that will increase our growing overpopulation of homeless animals.

What is required – A veterinarian.

When – Most veterinarians recommend spay/neuter between four to six months of age.

Benefit – Once spayed/neutered; females are normally healthier, do not go into heat (which attracts unaltered males into your yard) and live longer. Males are less likely to stray from home and are better family pets.

Leashing Your Dog While Out

Reason – No person shall permit a dog to run at large from private property owned by the owner of such dog, or from private property to which such owner has a right of possession.

What is required – Dog must be restrained by substantial leash and under physical control of its owner.

When – Anytime you leave your property.

Benefit – If a dog is properly leashed, it will not be able to run into traffic preventing injury to the dog and driver of any vehicle. If the dog is let loose and does any damage, the owner could be held liable to any costs incurred.

Animal Regulation Forms

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Contact Information

  • Tehama County Animal Care Center
  • (530) 527-3439
  • Tehama County Sheriff’s Office
  • (530) 529-7900 ext. 1
  • Red Bluff Police Department
  • (530) 527-3131
  • Corning Police Department
  • (530) 824-7000