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Emergency Services

Office of Emergency Services

The Sheriff’s Office of Emergency Services (O.E.S.) is on-call 24 hours per day, seven days per week, 365 days per year. O.E.S. personnel respond to floods, fires, chemical and hazardous material spills and other disasters or emergency events throughout Tehama County. They also assist other jurisdictions throughout California through the State’s Mutual Aid system, and in extreme emergency situations, are available to agencies throughout the country and the world.

Sheriff’s O.E.S. teams perform emergency situation notifications, evacuations and rescues, fill and set sand bags, conduct site assessments, man roadblocks, and execute countless other functions during emergency and disaster events.

The Office of Emergency Services maintains an enclosed 1998 Featherlite brand trailer, containing a powerful generator, portable lights, sand bags, and other equipment needed during disasters and emergency situations.

Personnel are able to access flooded areas by boat, or by using one of three 2 1/2 ton, 6-wheel drive trucks, which were obtained from the military and added to the Sheriff’s O.E.S. fleet in 1999.

Other frequently used equipment and resources readily available to the Sheriff’s O.E.S. include private and military helicopters, heavy equipment, trucks, trailers, boats and personnel.

Always be prepared, develop a family emergency plan.  Create an Emergency Preparedness Kit – Be Red Cross Ready.  Practice your plan, check and update your kit frequently if needed.

Emergency Services | Administration | Tehama County Sheriff's Office